what we do

10% of turnover for R&D

V&T focus on R&D and manufacturing reliable and high performance VFD. V&T invest in R&D more than 10% of turnover every year.

Advanced laboratory

V&T built up the advanced EMI, load testing, aging testing, high-voltage insulation testing, temperature and humidity testing laboratory to make sure the VSD reliable quality.

8s managment system

V&T invited the ex HITACHI VFD factory director as our factory director. V&T strictly execute the Janpanese 8s managment which is Seiri, Seiton,Seiso,Seiketsu,Shitsuke,Safety,Save,Study.

what they say

I prefer to use high quality inverters such V&T inverter. Because the lost of factory much more than the price gap of cheap inverter when inverter fault. ------- Allstar Engineering. Johan Brundin
V&T drives is the best Chinese drives I have ever used. The excellent performance made our customers very happy. ------- Forever Automation. Olga Sofronova