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The story started in 1996 when HUAWEI began developing Chinese owned brand of Variable Frequency Drive.At that time,Chinese VFD market was under foreign brands control.HUAWEI shouldered historical mission with great enthusiasm and set up the largest R&D center of VFD in China.Depending on powerful economic strength and technical efficiency,HUAWEI VFD got good reputation and grabbed big market share in the years and followed.This great success of HUAWEI catched EMERSON's attention.

After acquired Control Techniques in 1995,EMERSON moved their interest to Huawei,the biggest VFD manufacturer in China.In the meantime,HUAWEI also had set their mind to sell VFD division because it wasn't their core business.In 2002,EMERSON acquired Shenzhen Avansys Network Power Co., Ltd.(VFD company of HUAWEI Group)in 750 million USD,and Mr. Qiu became the Chief Technical Officer of VFD department of EMERSON CHINA.

2006 is a milestone of V&T Drive, Mr. Qiu and his old subordinates left EMERSON and established V&T Drive in Shenzhen.They work together for one dream which is to develope the China's best VFD.V&T Drive was born with excellent innovation ability and great commission. it had been through vigorous expansion.The excellent R&D team is the first one who developed open-loop torque control and servo featured vector control of ac drives in China.

Today,as a leader of AC drives in China, VT drive has around 150 R&D staff,and 10% of turnover is invested in R&D each year.
V&T Drive has cooperated with many big companies in the top of industry.For example:
Haitian Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (The Biggest Injection Molding Machine manufacturer in the world)
L.K. Technology Holdings Limited. (The Biggest Die Casting Machine manufacturer in the world)
China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (The Biggest Building Contractor in the world)
CRRC Corporation Limited (The World's Largest supplier of Rail Transit Equipment)
Trane Inc.(The Biggest Industrial Air Conditioner manufacturer in the world)
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.(The Biggest Heavy Equipments manufacturer in the world)
Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. (The Biggest Bus manufacturer in the world)
Foxconn Electronics Inc.(The Biggest Electric Products OEM factory in the world)
Foxconn Electronics Inc.(The Biggest Electric Products OEM factory in the world)
Kai Shan Air Comprassor Co., Ltd. (The Biggest Air Comprassor manufacturer in China)
Dongfang Electric Corporation (The Biggest Power Generating Equipment manufacturer in China)
Handan China Railway Bridge Machinery Co. Ltd. (The Biggest High Speed Rail contractor in China)
Our meteoric growth and high reputation owe to our experienced talent, hard working and customers' trust.During 2006 to 2007 we didn't sell one piece of drive. We concentrated on developing new generation of drives.Thanks for the tough days of the begining two years,which made us build a solid foundation. Based on this platform we can develope new products fast and reliable.

Most of world famous variable frequency drive company established factory in China.
Such as Siemens in Tianjin, SEW in Tianjin, Danfoss in Tianjin, ABB in Beijing, Fuji in Wuxi, LS in Wuxi, Sanken in Jiangyin, Toshiba in Liaoyang, Yaskawa in Shanghai, Schneider in Suzhou, Mitsubishi in Dalian, Delta in Wujiang, EMERSON in Shenzhen.

In future, as IGBT and other core components of variable frequency drive are localized ,China will be global variable frequency drive production base, that's also a chance for China's variable frequency drive dancing in the world stage. Just like today, over 70% ac motors are manufactured in China, history will also repeat itself in variable frequency drives.

Welcome to join us for win-win situation!