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Do you really need to upgrade your motors to IE3 by Variable Speed Drive?

From 1 January 2015, new European motor regulations are coming into force, making it mandatory for all motors to be IE3. Experienced IE3 motor users will remember that back in 2011 the same ruling applied to IE2.

So do you really need to make the upgrade to IE3?

The new regulations have been introduced to achieve one aim; to cut carbon emissions. Europe is under pressure to meet their own targets and needs to do what it can to avoid financial penalties.

Some industries see the upgrade process as a “waste of time and money”, but is it? The IE3 motor has been used in many applications over the past few years and has proven results in its energy saving capabilities. If you are running a significant amount of motors, an initial investment could reward you in the long term with reduced energy costs.

Having supported businesses through the IE2 changes nowadays we understand the situation you are in. You can continue running your IE2 by introducing a Variable Speed Drive into your application, but that may not be the best solution.

At the end of the day, you want to achieve lower energy bills and enjoy peace of mind from reliable applications. Think about your own carbon emission targets. Isn’t now the perfect time to upgrade to IE3?

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