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We will take part in Canton Fair Oct.15th~19th,2012

Currently, the world economic situation on the whole is very severe. The financial crisis is entering its fifth year, the arduous nature of the world economic deep-seated and long-term.

Since the first half of this year, whether in Europe, America, Japan and other developed economies or BRICS countries represented emerging economies. Their economic growth slowdown general by the European debt crisis.

FED launched a third round of quantitative easing monetary policy (QE3). To promote the steady growth of foreign trade, September 12, the State Council executive meeting discussed and adopted the eight policy measures to promote the steady growth of foreign trade. Although the world economy still tends to down the coming months, but everything will be fine.

But at the same time, the traditional strengths of the development of China's foreign trade has not been fundamentally weakened the advantage of being established, and external pressure objectively Forced enterprises to adjust the structure, change the way to enhance of endogenous motivation and international competitiveness. Still has a strong competitive on a global scale, China's export products.

Although economic situation is severe. But China’s products still very competitive in the world market. We will take this opportunity face the challenge. Improving service, perfecting quality, facilitating deal. We looking forward to the present Canton Fair will be a great success!