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FWI-DCR3 Single-phase 700v DC Choke (reactor)

FWI-DCR3 Single-phase 700v DC Choke (reactor)

1.Reduction of harmonics , Improvement of the power factor
2.Over-voltage restriction
3.Reducing the stress caused by noise to motor, extended the life span of motor
4.Improvement of low-frequency conduction emission/sensitivity

Technical specifications:
1.Rated Voltage: 440VAC
2.Hipot test voltage
3.Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
4.Insulation class: H
5.Rated Current: 3A ~ 800 A
6.Altitude: <100 0 meters
7.Ambient temperature: -25℃~ 40℃
8.Reactor impedance: 2%
9.Protection category: IP00


Knitting Machine, compressor, extruding machine, injection machine, motor, braiding machine, pressure fan, forced draught blower, blower, blowing machine, blow molding machine, root's blower, film blowing machine, cutter bar, cut-off machine, slitter, Cutting machine, conveyor, pump, grinder, cluster, glazing machine, polisher, polishing machine, laundry-drier, drying machine, ball crusher, ball grinding mill, drawing machine