After-sales Service

V&T Drive Service Express is a quick and easy portal for submitting both warranty covered and fixed price repairs of your V&T products.

1. Service

1) The detailed defective description, error code, photo of wiring, photo of nameplate, photo of fault part, photo of site must be sent back to V&T for evaluation accordingly.

2) V&T Drive shall analyze the defective reason and decide whether it is caused by quality problem of product or by improper operation of user.

3) V&T Drive shall suggest which parts of products should be replaced. In case of quality problem, V&T shall replace a same product for defective one which power rating is under 7.5KW within warranty time. For the product which power rating is 11KW and above, V&T shall offer spare parts including control board, power board, fan or other related parts which are necessary for repairing product free of charge.

4) V&T Drive warranty do not cover damages resulting from inappropriate storage, incorrect installation, improper maintenance and bad environment beyond environmental requirement.

5) V&T Drive is not responsible for modifications, reworking, disassemble without our permission.

2. Warranty Time 

18 months from shipping date of the products.

3. Technical Support  

V&T Drive have a strong R&D and QC department and capable after-sale service team. You can call us or send email to us directly.