• SY16C-Tier 3
  • SY16C-Tier 3
  • SY16C-Tier 3
  • SY16C-Tier 3

VS5 MINI Solar pump inverter 0.75kw-2.2kw 220V

Arrange 0.75kw-2.2kw 220V 1Phase

Solar Pump Inverter VS5 series applies to transforming three phase 380V or Single phase 220V submersible deep well pump into solar water pump system . It works this way that direct current produced by solar module inputs into alternating current which drives all kinds of water pump ,especially for  submersible well pump

Main feature of our solar pump inverter: 

1. Adopt advanced MPPT technology , fully make use of the power efficiency from solar module array 

2. With the changing of the sunshine ,it can automatically adjust motor speed and water flow out of pump 

3. It controls automatically when water level is high in pool .it stops work automatically ,however ,when water level is low .it activates automatically 

4. With the function of automatic protection .it can avoid pump form dry running while no water source 

5.Hibernate automatically under weak light such as sunset , quit hibernating under strong light such as sunrise .

6.To improve the liability of the working system with various protection . 

7.Professionally designed for users of deep well pumps -friendly control and convenient use