VT2 frequency inverters advantages

13 08,2021

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VFD advantages


Frequency inverters can not only provide adjustable speeds to achieve accurate and precise control applications, but also have more advantages in process control and energy saving. Some of them are given below.

 First, energy saving

  More than 65% of the electricity is consumed by industrial motors. When the motor needs to change speed, the amplitude and frequency control technology changes the speed and consumes less power. So a large amount of energy is saved by these VFDs.

 Second. Open loop control

 The output of the system will not affect the control function of the system.

  1, limit the starting current

   The induction motor draws 6 to 8 times the nominal current when starting. Compared with the traditional starter, the VFD has a lower output frequency when starting, and the effect is better. Due to the low frequency, the current absorbed by the motor is small, and the current will not exceed the rated value when starting and running.

  2, running smoothly

   It provides smooth operation when starting and stopping, and also reduces the thermal and mechanical stress of the motor and belt drive.

   Third, high power factor

   The built-in power factor correction circuit in the VFD DC bus reduces the need for additional power factor correction devices.

   The power factor of induction motors is very low for particularly no-load applications, and is 0.88 to 0.9 at full load. Due to high reactive power loss, low power factor will lead to poor power utilization.

   Fourth, Easy installation

   Pre-programmed and factory wired VFD provide a simple method for connection and maintenance.


So, more and more industry choose VT2 frequency inverters to help them save the cost, so once you have any request, warmly welcome to contact with us.