How to choose the reactor used in our VT2 frequency inverter?

10 09,2021

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        How to choose the reactor used in our VT2 frequency inverter? The following analyzes the selection of rated AC current, the selection of voltage drop, the selection of inductance, the inductance corresponding to the rated current, and the length of the cable.


   1. Selection of rated AC current


  The rated AC current is the long-term working current of the reactor designed from the perspective of heat generation, and sufficient high-order harmonic components should be considered at the same time. That is, the actual current flowing through the output reactor is the output current of the frequency inverter motor load.


  2, Voltage drop


  Voltage drop refers to the actual voltage drop across the reactor coil at 50HZ corresponding to the actual rated current. Usually, the voltage drop is about 4V~8V.


  3, The choice of inductance


   The rated inductance of the reactor is also an important parameter! If the inductance is not selected properly, it will directly affect the change of the voltage drop under the rated current and cause malfunction. The size of the inductance depends on the cross-sectional area of the reactor core, the number of turns of the coil and the adjustment of the air gap. The inductance of the output reactor is selected according to the cable length within the rated frequency range, and then the core cross-sectional area and wire cross-sectional area under the corresponding inductance requirements are selected according to the actual rated current of the motor to determine the actual voltage drop .