Good news|everything received from you encourages us to move forward!

31 05,2019

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Every insistence comes from the tireless pursuit of technology;

Every attention is focused on the enthusiasm of technology;

Every approval from you encourages us to move forward!

March 16, 2018, sponsored by gongkong, co-organized by OPC (China) Foundation and China Industrial Standards Technology Alliance, and supported by the Institute of Instrumental and Integrated Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry and International Cooperation Committee of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry. The 2018 China Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Services Annual Conference was held in Beijing.


Good news|everything received from you encourages us to move forward!


VTdrive takes “2017 CAIMRS Enterprise Development Breakthrough Award” into its pocket with its excellent performance in the field of industrial control.


Good news|everything received from you encourages us to move forward!

As the longest history in domestic industrial automation industry, the most extensive audience, the most open process, and the most impartial result of the election, it took more than two months, combined with user voting, market research, big data analysis, and expert selection, to obtain a comprehensive evaluation result. VTdrive can stand out among many competitors, and is the recognition of our brand strength by the industrial control industry experts and the majority of users.

Good news|everything received from you encourages us to move forward!

With the forward-looking knowledge of industrial control industries, VTdrive has focused on professional high-end applications and complete system solution providers in the field of traditional industrial control. Its product applications cover many industries in the field of industrial control.

As one of the earliest companies to enter the field of electric vehicle electric control in China, the company successfully seized the opportunity for the development of new energy vehicles in China. More than 200,000 sets of electric vehicle motor controllers have been successfully used in many mainstream car manufacturers.

In the future, in the face of severe challenges, we will continue to innovate and improve, and strive to advance on the road of pursuit and transcendence!


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