Opportunities and challenges coexist

15 06,2020

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China has gradually become the world's manufacturing center for the inverter in the industrial automation applications has brought rapid growth, the global energy shortage is to bring long-term demand for the inverter industry, inverter in recent years more than 15% growth rate and will Continue to show this momentum, the inverter has a vast market opportunities.

From the current domestic inverter accounted for only about 25% of the market share point of view, any one of the basic industries in the proportion of national brands will be higher and higher, as industrial products, although not as home appliances and other consumer goods industry brands can account for 70% More than the market share, but in the near future domestic inverter occupy half of the market share is expected.

With this projection, the domestic frequency inverter in the next few years there will be several times the size of the growth, this is an absolute good and opportunity.

However, opportunities always coexist with challenges. In the inverter's two main applications: 1, the field of industrial automation, most of the needs of this area is medium and low power inverter, its performance and system requirements are higher and higher and constantly updated, made in China If you can not continue to improve and synchronize with the development of industrial demand, it is possible to become a bystander rather than a participant in the progress of industrial automation. It is even more difficult to seize the share of foreign brands. 2, while in the field of energy saving, the main demand is medium and high power frequency converters, which provide stable and reliable products with different voltage levels of general purpose, medium voltage and high voltage. Technology is also the core foundation.

Therefore, in order to seize the opportunity and change the current inverter in China, "foreign brands to eat dinner, domestic brands drink porridge," the dilemma of technological innovation, breakthroughs and continuous improvement is the core issue, but also made higher for domestic brands Requirements and challenges. Only with technological advances and leading in order to make the product meet the rising demand for high-end applications, perfect combination with the market and participate in the competition of international brands, so that the real rise of domestic inverter brand.

Casting industry with the international quality products

Although it is a very young company, VTdrive has more than 10 years of research and development of VFD technology and accumulated industry experience. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the inverter, the company established its own technological superiority at the beginning of its establishment, Cast industry quality as the goal to meet the opportunities and face the challenges. Through continuous innovation and breakthroughs, the company already has the vector control technology and torque control technology synchronized with the most advanced international technical standards and further strengthens the design of China's application environment on the basis of meeting the IEC international standards so that the products have the advantages of high-end The same excellent drive control performance and reliability.

VTdrive's marketing strategy is to create cost-effective and fast response. In the general market with cost-effective: high-end machines with foreign than the same performance but price advantage; with domestic high-end and foreign midrange machines have obvious performance advantages. In the industry and supporting markets, the industry segments, providing machine tools, printing and packaging, injection molding, drawing, textiles and other specialized products, and quickly and effectively respond to the needs of high-end customization, enhance user system value and reduce user costs.

VTdrive  VFD services focus on high-end application needs, it will also focus on participating foreign brands and domestic high-end brand market competition, and seek extensive industry cooperation and support under the pressure of pressure to forge ahead, and strive to go beyond the self and Adversary, in the competition with peers and industry cooperation to promote each other and jointly promote China's VFD industry.


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