VTdrive solar inverter is the first one successfully used to the multi-stage multi-pump efficient water pumping stations in China

10 04,2020

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First, multi-stage multi-pump high-efficiency water pumping station application profile

    The photovoltaic pumping station project requires a total lift of 465 meters, the total installed capacity of 112.5KW, flow 50m³ / h, using two pumping stations to raise irrigation methods, each pumping station uses three pumps, including a pumping station lift of 65 meters , A pumping station will be pumping to the second pumping station, two pumping stations and then pumping the water to the Peak total reservoir, two pump station head to 400 meters. This multi-stage multi-pumping photovoltaic pumping station project is the first time in the industry that pipeline buffer is used between primary pump station and secondary pump station, that is, pumping-on control without cost reduction and higher efficiency. At the same time, all PV inverters are powered by photovoltaic cells and the wiring is simpler. To achieve the above technical indicators on the photovoltaic inverter control performance put forward higher requirements, the program uses Blue Ocean Huateng RS-P series of high-performance photovoltaic inverter, pump manufacturers with the system control to protect the pumping stations The successful operation.

Second, the system control structure

    Mainly photovoltaic arrays, combiner boxes, photovoltaic inverters, PLC, touch screen, pumps and water-saving equipment.

Third, the scene picture


Photovoltaic cell array


first stage water pump


Peak reservoir


Second stage pump

first stage pump photovoltaic control cabinet & second stage pump photovoltaic control cabinet

Fourth, the main technical indicators of the project

1) The total head 465m, water distance 5 km.

2) The average daily water output 200 ~ 280m³ / h, irrigation area of nearly 7,000 acres.

3) System operating voltage range: 490V ~ 800V.

Five, program advantages

1) fully automatic operation, without human guards, truly "sunset and interest, Sunrise and", and there is no operating costs, once invested long-term benefits.

2) The first domestic application of pipeline buffer, that is pumping way, without the need to build an intermediate reservoir, low cost, greatly improve efficiency.

3) high control accuracy, regardless of light intensity, can achieve the maximum use of light energy.

4) Based on the multi-stage pumping station optical power distribution control technology, to ensure that the pump pressure is not too large, but also to ensure that the pump does not take the second pump, thus extending the life of the water pipe and pump.

5) continuous operation, stable and reliable, low failure rate.