Advanced Motor Drive Technology Encounter PV Applications VTdrive's Segmented Applications in the PV Industry

10 04,2020

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With the rapid development of the national economy, the shortage of energy and the pollution of the environment have become the most important problems to be solved in today's society. As a kind of the cleanest, safe and reliable energy, solar energy has become a long-term research topic in various countries because of how it is fully utilized.

The problem of livestock husbandry and drinking water in remote areas is a problem because of geographical constraints. With the country's attention and promotion of photovoltaic applications, solar photovoltaic pumps have been widely used in mountainous villages for water supply, drinking water for people and livestock in desert villages, agricultural irrigation, pasture husbandry, desert management, domestic water and landscape fountains. In underdeveloped areas, drinking water can be guaranteed by solar pumps. Because of its suitability for a variety of terrain, easy maintenance, no need to watch on the characteristics of the favor.

VTdrive program

VTdrive controller is suitable for photovoltaic, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V drive three-phase asynchronous motor pump, used in centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, deep well pumps, sewage pumps, reciprocating pumps, screw pumps. Its energy is an inexhaustible source of clean and environmentally friendly solar energy, as well as an emergency backup diesel generator and grid.

System composition

System consists of solar cells, generators or power grids, VTdrive controllers and three-phase asynchronous motor pumps and other components. Based on the controller's own automatic solar maximum power point dynamic tracking technology, it achieves uninterrupted operation under complicated weather conditions during daytime, saves battery energy and saves a lot of costs, and can be driven by a diesel generator or mains at night. VTdrive  controller can directly drive all kinds of applications of three-phase asynchronous motor, high functionality integration, reduce component parts, improve system reliability.


◆ US TI high-speed digital signal processor DSP, high-speed photovoltaic MPPT tracking, to adapt to changing weather light.

◆ vector control technology, the three-phase induction motor equivalent DC motor vector control, motor control mode optimization.

◆ DC wide voltage input.

◆ multi-power input, photovoltaic DC, three-phase AC operation.

◆ Extensive function expansion, open control platform to meet the needs of professional users.

◆ Custom three-phase AC output 0 ~ 480V, frequency 0 ~ 300Hz, for global voltage standards.

◆ Motor stall protection, foreign matter into the motor, mechanical failure shutdown protection.

◆ diversified operating modes, three-button standard panel operation, easy to understand, suitable for ordinary users;

◆ Shuttle digital operation panel, more extended functions, suitable for custom projects.

◆ Water level protection function to prevent the motor dry running water, water wells multiple protection mode.

◆ Dedicated plug-in terminals, to avoid mistakes lead to adverse consequences.

◆ LED display, you can view the voltage, current, frequency, power and other parameters.

◆ temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃.

Site usage


Farm irrigation

◆ solar photovoltaic pump system: 2 sets of rooftop photovoltaic system;

◆ control cabinet, solar photovoltaic & three-phase AC automatic switching;

◆ 2 sets of pumps & 6 sets of negative pressure fans, 4-inch water pipe, water to 40 meters high water pressure pressurized water tower;

◆ 2 PV arrays, each 30kw, the total capacity of 60kw;

◆ shed & farm irrigation about 3,000 acres.


Mountain village water supply

◆  photovoltaic pump parallel system: off-grid photovoltaic power applications;

◆  controller 3 sets and machine;

◆ centrifugal pump group, DN65mm water supply pipe length of 3070M, lifting water vertical height of 200M;

◆ 250W photovoltaic modules, 84, the total power of 21kw;

◆ mountain village water supply.

Landscape watermill

◆ 3PH AC 1.5kw pump * 2 sets;

◆ 230W photovoltaic modules, 21, a total of about 5kw;

◆ Fountain flow size with the Yang Guan strength changes.

Landscape fountain

◆ photovoltaic pump controller;

◆ controller 2 sets of parallel, time control, photovoltaic & mains switch automatically;

◆ 3PH AC 1.5kw pump * 2 sets;

◆ 230W photovoltaic modules, 21, a total of about 5kw;

◆ fountain flow size with the Yang Guan strength changes.